Whitstable Produce Store


'What happened to those summer updates' we hear you cry.  Well, it's no excuse really, but we were just so busy. So, while we're a bit mortified, we were happy too. 

So, now we're here, what happened?

The Whitstable Oyster Festival moved away from the town centre to the Tankerton Slopes.  While we were a bit worried, it turned out to be absolutely for the best.  It was busy but calmer in the town centre and - selfishly - we had a lovely, busy weekend.  

Harbour Day was it's usual affable self.  The Regatta, hitherto in August, has moved to September.

Lunch has really taken off at the Store.  People do love a good sandwich.  Tuna mayo, we observe is perhaps the favourite filling for sandwiches, salads and jacket potatoes.

Our courtyard garden continues to be hailed as "an oasis", a "sanctuary", a bird-filled "pocket of calm".  It's all music to our ears and it's lovely watching people relax.

And finally, on the last day of August, we got the gladsome news that we are finalists in the first ever IBAK (Independent Business Awards Kent). We received a lovely anonymous nomination, for which our very grateful thanks, and are so chuffed.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

We commit to better web discipllne.  Or at least aim for it.


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